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Examination Review Board

The ThinkSECURE Examination Review Board (TSERB) is an independent audit body entrusted with ensuring consistency and integrity of the Examination and Certification Process for all ThinkSECURE Certifications.

Each examination batch is dispatched by an automated process to a designated TSERB Auditor, who performs an audit on the examination. Only upon a TSERB Auditor's approval is an examination batch cleared for Certification processing. This ensures that there can be no cheating or bias involved with the award of a Certification to any individual. Additionally, the TSERB reviews and comments on new examination questions which are added to the question pool.

Respected by their peers & colleagues, possessing integrity and highly qualified, various individuals have voluntarily contributed their time and energy to acting as TSERB Auditors and their contributions to helping ensure the quality of the IT-Security community are greatly appreciated.

Listed in alphabetical order, the following individuals, in their voluntary & personal capacity, currently make up the TSERB:

    Ee, Kiam Keong - CBCP, CISA, CISM, CISSP

    K R, Vignesh

    Lee, Meng Keong - OSWA, OPST, CCIE

    Lim, Shih Hsien - CISA, CISSP

    Ng, Shok Been

    Pong, Teng Sin

    Tye, Joseph - CISSP

    Victor, Philip

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